Mar. 2, 2023

5 restaurants that prove that the perfect burger exists

With or without cheese, single or double (or even triple!), few dishes are as synonymous with comfort food as the burger. These sandwiches, which can be found just about everywhere on the planet, can be prepared in 1,001 ways. Although the “best burger in town” debate has been raging for ages, the burger is for many of us the ultimate indulgent treat.

Hero Certified Burger

This Bishop Street restaurant takes an eco-friendly approach, serving burgers made with all natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free 100% Canadian Angus beef. In addition to the many creative variations on offer, you can also build your own burger: choose your patty (between 6 and 10 ounces, halal and vegetarian options available), bun (several options are available, including gluten free), cheese (blue cheese, yum!), and your choice of sauces, salads, toppings, and sides.

2019 Rue Bishop

Notre Boeuf de Grâce

This restaurant’s goal? To offer exceptional burgers in a fun and casual atmosphere, worthy of a small neighbourhood snack shack. Meat lovers will relish their burgers made with fresh, high-quality beef ground on site daily. For vegetarians, the restaurant now offers the “Impossible Burger,” which uses a 100% plant-based patty.

1388 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest

mtlcentreville_5 restos qui prouvent que le burger parfait existe_Notre Boeuf de grâce

Mister Steer

Mister Steer, then a modest 9-seat restaurant in the Latin Quarter, served its first ground beef patty in 1958. Now located on Sainte-Catherine, this restaurant has become a true Montreal institution thanks to its famous Steerburger, made with fine cuts of kosher beef and a unique blend of seasonings. Over 60 million Steerburgers have been served to date!

1198 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouestmtlcentreville_5 restos qui prouvent que le burger parfait existe_Mister Steer

Burger bar Crescent

This burger bar on Crescent Street, just steps away from the Bell Centre, features burgers made with AAA meat, plus vegetarian options. Everything in this restaurant is homemade, with a menu full of unique combinations that are guaranteed to please.

1465 Rue Crescent

Deville Dinerbar

Founded by three brothers inspired by their summer family trips to the American East Coast, Deville Dinerbar is a tribute to the diners of yesteryear, offering traditional food and drink adapted to today’s forward-thinking tastes. The decor is both modern and retro, with neon lights and stainless steel throughout, and offers a unique ambiance that will transport you to the great diners of the past. And how about those burgers?

1425 Rue Stanley

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