Member benefits

SDC’s services aim to create an inviting, clean, and dynamic urban environment that fosters economic development by making the downtown area more attractive to residents, visitors, workers and businesses.

Promotion of businesses

  • Organizing promotional events to bring the community together and stimulate economic activity.
  • Setting up communication campaigns to promote local businesses.
  • Showcasing new businesses recently established in the downtown area to illustrate the region’s dynamism.

Revitalization programs

  • Taking part in urban revitalization initiatives to improve downtown business districts.
  • Communicating and encouraging access to financing and subsidies for renovating business and commercial premises.

Enhancing the attractiveness of the region

  • Working on urban development projects and associated outreach to improve the area’s attractiveness to both businesses and the public.
  • Raising awareness of the need for urban cleanliness, and reminding people of the applicable regulations.
  • Taking an active part in keeping sidewalks, curbs, and buildings clean on main commercial arteries and service lanes.
  • Working with all levels of government to create a business-friendly environment.

Research and economic planning

  • Measuring pedestrian flows to understand traffic and footfall trends.
  • Carrying satisfaction surveys to better understand user profiles and needs related to the urban experience.
  • Conducting economic analyses to understand the region’s needs and opportunities.
  • Elaborating strategic plans for long-term economic development.