Mar. 28, 2023

The Cleanliness Brigade, a dedicated team

La brigade de propreté, une initiative de Montréal centre-ville

Downtown cleanliness: a dedicated team

Since 2001, Montréal centre-ville has had a cleanliness brigade that patrols the downtown streets 365 days a year. Between thirty and forty people clean the streets, depending on the season. A team dedicated to making downtown a cleaner, more pleasant place to live. They work daily to clean, green and clear snow from the main arteries of the territory. A territory, it should be remembered, that is vast, stretching from avenue Atwater to rue Saint-Urbain, and from Sherbrooke to Saint-Antoine. The brigade was recruited under a policy of social reintegration that has been put into practice by Montréal centre-ville since its creation.

Helping to beautify the city center: a top priority

Beautifying the downtown area is one of our top priorities. Every May, the Brigade installs flower boxes and baskets on the ground. From Sherbrooke to René Lévesque, via Sainte-Catherine street and its side streets, more than 1,000 flower boxes and 68 planters, including 20 new potted trees, will beautify the downtown area until September.

For a clean and welcoming downtown

Since its creation over twenty years ago, the mission of Montréal centre-ville has been to make downtown a clean and welcoming place. Whether you’re a worker, a resident or just passing through, the Brigade is committed to making downtown a clean and pleasant place to be.

This project is made possible thanks to the support of our partner, the Borough of Ville-Marie.

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